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Clause Heading
A - Trust Agreement.
B - Administration Agreement.
C - Indenture.
D - Intention.
(c) - Operations of the Reserve Account.
(d) - Account Statements.
Section 1. - Definitions.
(a) - Establishment of Reserve Account.
(b) - Acknowledgement of Receipt of Investments.
(a) - Transfers to the Reserve Account.
(b) - Notice of Transfers.
(a) - Strict Compliance.
(b) - Pledgors Right to Direct Investment.
(c) - Secured Partys Right to Direct Investment.
(d) - Overnight Investments.
(e) - Actions of Securities Intermediary on Purchase of Investments.
(f) - Grant of Control.
(g) - Deposit of Proceeds.
(h) - Valuation of Collateral.
(a) - Security Interest.
(b) - Acknowledgement of Securities Intermediarys Role.
(c) - Securities Intermediary Has No Notice of Adverse Claims.
(d) - Securities Intermediary Shall Not Acknowledge Other Claims.
(a) - Transactions Shall Comply With Rules.
(b) - Risk of Investments and Transactions.
(c) - Use of Intermediaries and Nominees.
(d) - Corporate Actions.
(e) - Disclosure of Account Relationships.
(f) - Forwarding of Documents.
(g) - Direction in Disputes.
(h) - No Setoff, etc.
(i) - Only Agreement.
(j) - Care of Financial Assets.
(k) - Further Actions.
(a) - Limitation on Duty of Care; Exculpation.
(b) - Consultation with Counsel.
(c) - Reasonable Reliance.
(d) - Expenditure of Funds.
(e) - Resignation.
(f) - Indemnity.
Section 8. - Representations and Warranties By Securities Intermediary.
(a) - Corporate Power.
(b) - Execution Authorized.
(c) - Securities Intermediary.
Section 9. - Termination.
(a) - Removal.
(b) - Resignation.
(c) - Successor Securities Intermediary.
(d) - Process of Succession.
Section 11. - Secured Party as Indenture Trustee.
Section 12. - Choice of Law.
Section 13. - Amendments.
Section 14. - Tax Reporting.
Section 15. - Compensation.
Section 16. - Successors.
Section 17. - Notices.
Section 18. - Counterparts.
Section 19. - No Petition.