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                                ESSA BANK & TRUST
                            ENDORSEMENT SPLIT DOLLAR
                            LIFE INSURANCE AGREEMENT

adopted   this 1st day of October,   2008,   by and between   ESSA Bank & Trust (the
"Bank"), and V. Gail Warner (the "Executive").

     The purpose of this   Agreement   is to retain and reward the   Executive,   by
dividing the death proceeds of certain life   insurance   policies which are owned
by the Bank on the life of the Executive with the designated   beneficiary of the
Executive.   The Bank   will   pay the life   insurance   premiums   from its   general

                                    Article 1

     Whenever   used in this   Agreement,   the   following   terms   shall   have   the
meanings specified:

1.1   "Bank's    Interest"    means   the    benefit    set   forth   in   Section    2.1.

1.2   "Beneficiary"   means each designated   person, or the estate of the deceased
     Executive,   entitled to benefits, if any, upon the death of the Executive.

1.3   "Beneficiary Designation Form" means the form established from time to time
     by the Plan Administrator that the Executive   completes,   signs and returns
     to the Plan Administrator to designate one or more Beneficiaries.

1.4   "Board"   means   the   Board of   Directors   of the Bank as from   time to time

1.5   "Executive's   Interest"   means   the   benefit   set   forth   in   Section   2.2.

1.6   "Insurer" means the insurance company issuing the Policy on the life of the

1.7   "Net Death Proceeds" means the total death proceeds of the Policy minus the
     greater of (i) the cash surrender value or (ii) the aggregate premiums paid
     by the Bank.

1.8   "Normal   Retirement   Age"   means   the   Executive's   attainment   of age   65.

1.9   "Policy" or "Policies"   means the individual   insurance   policy or policies
     adopted by the Bank for   purposes of insuring   the   Executive's   life under
     this Agreement.

                                    Article 2
                           Policy Ownership/Interests

2.1   Bank's   Interest.   The Bank shall own the Policies and shall have the right
     to exercise all incidents of ownership,   except as limited herein. The Bank
     shall be the   beneficiary   of the remaining   death proceeds of the Policies
     after the   Executive's   Interest   is   determined   according   to Section 2.2


2.2   Executive's   Interest.   Upon   Executive's   death (1) while   employed by the
     Bank; and (2) prior to Normal   Retirement Age, the Executive's   Beneficiary
     shall be entitled to an amount of death   proceeds   equal to four times (4X)
     current   base   salary (as   defined by the Bank) or 100% of the   net-at-risk
     insurance   portion of the   proceeds,   whichever   is less.   The   net-at-risk
     insurance   portion is the total proceeds less the cash value of the Policy.
     In no event shall the death benefit hereunder exceed the Net Death Proceeds
     of the Policy. The Executive,   or the Executive's assignee,   shall have the
     right to designate the Beneficiary pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.
     Upon the   earlier of (1)   Executive's   termination   of   employment   for any
     reason;   or (2)   Executive's   attainment   of Normal   Retirement   Age,   this
     Agreement shall   automatically   terminate and no death benefit shall be due

2.3   Bank has no Obligation to Pay. Death proceeds   payable under this Agreement
     shall be paid solely by the Insurer from the proceeds of any Policy(ies) on
     the life of the   Insured.   In no event shall the Bank be obligated to pay a
     death   benefit   under this   Agreement   from its   general   funds.   Should an
     Insurer refuse or be unable to pay death proceeds endorsed to Insured under
     the   express   terms   of this   Agreement,   or   should   the Bank   cancel   the
     Policy(ies)   for any   reason,   Executive's   Beneficiary(ies)   shall   not be
     entitled to a death benefit.

                                    Article 3
                           Premiums and Imputed Income

3.1   Premium Payment. The Bank shall pay all premiums due on all Policies.

3.2   Economic    Benefit.    The   Bank   shall    determine   the   economic    benefit
     attributable   to the Executive   based on the life insurance   premium factor
     for the   Executive's   age multiplied by the aggregate death benefit payable
     to the   Beneficiary.   The "life   insurance   premium   factor" is the minimum
     factor   applicable under guidance   published   pursuant to Treasury Reg. ss.
     1.61-22(d)(3)(ii) or any subsequently applicable authority.

3.3   Imputed Income. The Bank shall impute the economic benefit to the Executive
     on an ann  

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