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Exhibit 10.6.4



ING Life Insurance and Annuity Company


ABA Retirement Funds

Purchase Order No. 5

This is Purchase Order No. 5 to the Program Services Agreement between ING Life Insurance and Annuity Company and ABA Retirement Funds (“ABA RF”) effective May 1, 2009 (the “Agreement”).



Describe the Current Service Being Changed (If unrelated to any existing service, do not complete):




This Purchase Order specifically addresses the conversion of all Self-Managed Brokerage Account (SMBA) assets in the ABA RF Program (the “Program”) from State Street Global Markets (SSGM) to TD Ameritrade.



Describe the Reason for Making the Change:

The ABA RF has chosen TD Ameritrade (“TDA”) to replace SSGM as the new brokerage provider for the ABA RF Program with an anticipated effective date on or about August 26, 2011.



The Proposed Change:




Add new Roth Account functionality to the generic ING/TDA file transmission. Add functionality to the existing generic ING/TDA daily file transmission that will enable liquid cash to be available trade date plus one (T+1). Delete old (SSGM) data fields and initialize new data fields (TDA) for participant and plan records.




Development of business and functional design documents that highlight any areas requiring development based upon the findings from the project meeting sessions.




Anticipated areas of development are IPS recordkeeping system, Voice Response Unit, Pweb (participant website) and all reports and forms provided to participants and sponsors reflecting SMBA.




Attendance and preparation for project meetings (external) sessions from April 2011 through August 2011 for IPS Implementation Services and IT project personnel not otherwise part of the ABA RF Program Se

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