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Exhibit 10.1





This agreement is entered into between CELEB BRANDING, LLC. (herein referred to as “Company”) and Obscene Jeans (herein referred to as “Client") for the purposes of Product Placement and Brand Awareness for and on the cast members of MTV’s JERSEY SHORE television show. Company will provide Obscene Jeans to the female cast members of JERSEY SHORE to wear for organic product placement and brand awareness from September 10th, 2011 through March 10th, 2012 to promote the Obscene Jeans brand. The duration of this agreement shall be six (6) months and the services provided by Company shall be product placement and brand awareness for Obscene Jeans for the JERSEY SHORE female cast members’ televised and print magazine interviews and/or appearances.


Terms of Service: Company is a television and film, product placement and brand awareness company which distributes products and services to celebrities and feature film & television show cast members on a promotional basis, throughout all mediums of programming Worldwide. Company is a marketing delivery company and does not take ownership of Client’s products at anytime or any under condition which could be considered for resale or exchange of Client’s products for profit. The following conditions apply while under contract as a Product Placement and Brand Awareness Client of Company. Violation of these conditions may lead to Client’s status being suspended or revoked:


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