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Exhibit 10.2





Mr. Wang Youliang


Mr. Liu Zhengxin


Harbin Jiasheng Consultation & Management Co., LTD.




Heilongjiang Zhongxian Information Co., LTD



Shareholders Voting Right Proxy Agreement



  In respect of Heilongjiang Zhongxian Information Co., LTD










December 21, 2010






Shareholders Voting Right Proxy Agreement




This Shareholders Voting Right Proxy Agreement (this “ Agreement ”) is entered into as of December 21, 2010 by and between the following Parties:

本股 东投票权协议(本协议)由下列主体于 2010 年月日 签署:




Mr. Wang Youliang (Identity Card No.: 22-0502-1967-0327-0217, owns 38% shares of Heilongjiang Zhongxian Information Co., LTD) and


Mr. Liu Zhengxin (Identity Card No.: 230108197201021010, owns 62% shares of Heilongjiang Zhongxian Information Co., LTD)


In this Agreement, Mr. Wang Youliang and Mr. Liu Zhengxin are called collectively as the the “Company shareholders” .






Harbin Jiasheng Consultation & Management Co., LTD. (hereinafter, the “ WFOE ”)






Registered address: No.68, Hengdao Street, Xiangfang District, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China







Heilongjiang Zhongxian Information Co., LTD. (hereinafter, the “ Company ”)






Registered address: No. A09, Wuzhou Sun Town, Limin Avenue, Limin Development District, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China






(In this Agreement, the above parties are hereinafter referred to individually as a “ Party ” and collectively as the “ Parties ”.)


王有良 ( 身份 证号码   持有黑 龙江中现信息公司 38% 的股 ) 和刘正昕(身份 证号码: 230108197201021010 ,持有黑 龙江中现信息公司 62% 的股 权)


协议中,刘正昕及王有良统称为 公司股


尔滨嘉盛咨询管理有限公司(下称 “WFOE”

地址:哈 尔滨市香坊区横道街 68


龙江中现信息有限公司(下称 公司

地址:黑 龙江哈尔滨市利民开发区利民大道五洲太阳新城 A09









The Shareholders intend to severally entrust their voting rights in the Company to the individuals designated by the WFOE, and the WFOE intends to designate the individuals to accept such entrust.



东各自同意将公司的投票权委托给 WFOE 指定的个人行使, WFOE 也同意指定相 应的个人接受此委


NOW, THEREFORE, the Parties, after friendly consultations, hereby mutually agree below:




Article 1 Voting Right Delegation  投票 权委派



The Shareholders hereby irrevocably undertake to respectively sign a power of attorney in substance and form as set forth in Annex 1 hereof after this Agreement takes effect, to respectively entrust the individuals then designated by the WFOE (hereinafter, the “ Entrusted Persons ”) to exercise, on behalf of each of the Shareholders, the following rights that the Shareholders are entitled to in the capacity of shareholders of the Company under the then effective articles of association of the Company (collectively, the “ Entrusted Rights ”):

东在此以不可撤销的方式承诺当本协议生效后将按照附件1的形式分别签署一份授权委托书来委托 WFOE 指定的个人(下称 受托人 )来代表股 东根据公司有效的公司章程行使下列权利(统称 受托 权利




To propose to convene and attend Shareholders’ meetings of the Company as the representative of each of the Shareholders according to the articles of association of the Company;




根据公司的章程作 为股东的代表提议召集并参加公司的股东会




To exercise, on behalf of each of the Shareholders, their voting rights on all matters requiring discussion or resolutions of the Shareholders’ meetings of the Company, including without limitation, the appointment and election of the Company’s directors and other senior management to be appointed and removed by the Shareholders;




代表股 东在需要公司股东会上讨论或决议的事项行使表决权,包括但不限于,委派或选举公司的董事或其他由股东任免的高级管理人员




To exercise other voting rights of the Shareholders as specified in the articles of association of the Company (including any other shareholders voting rights as specified in the amended articles of association).

按照公司章程的 规定行使股东的其他表决权(包括修改的公司章程所列的公司股东其他表决权)








The above authorization and entrustment are granted on the condition that the Entrusted Persons are PRC citizens and that the WFOE approves such authorization and entrustment. Upon and only upon written notice of dismissing and replacing the Entrusted Person(s) given by the WFOE to each of the Shareholders shall the Shareholders promptly entrust another PRC citizen then designated by the WFOE to exercise the above Entrusted Rights, and the new authorization and entrustment shall, upon the grant supersede the previous authorization and entrustment. The Shareholders shall not revoke the authorization and entrustment to the Entrusted Person(s) unless as provided in this Article.



上述授 权和委托只有在被委托人的人为中华人民共和国公民且 WFOE 同意的情况下方可生效。在 WFOE 每一个股东发出解除并替换受托人的通知后,公司的股东应立即 重新委派一个由 WFOE 指定并具有中国国籍的受托人行使上述受托 权利,并且新的授权和委托将替代之前的授权和委托。除非本条另行规定,股东不得撤销对受托人的授权和委托。



The Entrusted Persons shall perform their obligations in respect of the entrustment hereunder to the extent authorized hereunder with due care and diligence and in compliance with laws. The Shareholders acknowledge and shall assume liabilities for any legal consequences arising as a result of the Entrusted Persons’ exercise of the foregoing Entrusted Rights.



受托人 应根据法律规定并按照委托权限在授权的范围内勤勉尽责的履行相应的义务。股东对于受托人在行使前述受托权利的过 程中所 产生的任何法律后果应承担所有责任。



The Shareholders hereby confirm that the Entrusted Persons are not required to seek opinions from the relevant Shareholders prior to their exercise of the foregoing Entrusted Rights. However, the Entrusted Persons shall inform the Shareholders in a timely manner of any resolution or proposal on convening an interim shareholders’ meeting after such resolution or proposal is made.








Article 2 Right to Information    知情



For the purpose of exercising the Entrusted Rights hereunder, the Entrusted Persons are entitled to know various relevant information of the Company such as those in respect of its operation, business, customers, finance and employees, and shall have access to the relevant documentations and materials of the Company. The Company shall fully cooperate with the Entrusted Persons in this regard.




Article 3 Exercise of the Entrusted Rights 受托 权的行使



The Shareholders will provide sufficient assistances to the Entrusted Persons with regard to their exercise of the Entrusted Rights, including timely execution where necessary of resolutions of shareholders’ meetings adopted by the Entrusted Persons or other pertinent legal documents (e.g., where the same is required in order to submit documents for purpose of governmental approvals, registrations or filings.).



东对于受托人行使受托的权限应提供充分的协助,包括及时执行受托 人于股 东会中形成的&

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