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Clause Heading
(c) - Applicability.
(e) - Payments on Early Termination.
(i) - Termination of Trust Fund.
(ii) - Collateralization or Ratings Event.
(iii) - Regulation AB.
(a) - Payer Representations.
(b) - Payee Representations.
(a) - Address for Notices:
(b) - Process Agent.
(c) - Offices.
(d) - Multibranch Party.
(e) - Calculation Agent.
(h) - Governing Law.
(i) - Severability.
(j) - Recording of Conversations.
(k) - Waiver of Jury Trial.
(l) - Non-Recourse.
(m) - Limitation on Institution of Bankruptcy Proceedings.
(n) - Remedy of Failure to Pay or Deliver.
(p) - Trustees Capacity.
(q) - Trustees Representation.
(i) - Swap Agreement.
(a) - Definitions.
(b) - Actions to be Taken.
6 - Counterparts.
(i) - Delivery Amount, Return Amount and Credit Support Amount.
(ii) - Eligible Collateral.
(iii) - Other Eligible Support.
(iv) - Thresholds.
(v) - Conflicting Valuation Percentage.
(c) - Valuation and Timing.
(d) - Conditions Precedent and Secured Partys Rights and Remedies.
(e) - Substitution.
(ii) - Consent.
(f) - Dispute Resolution.
(ii) - Value.
(iii) - Alternative.
(i) - Eligibility to Hold Posted Collateral; Custodians.
(ii) - Use of Posted Collateral.
(i) - Interest Rate.
(ii) - Transfer of Interest Amount.
(iii) - Alternative to Interest Amount.
(i) - Other Eligible Support and Other Posted Support.
(j) - Demands and Notices.
(i) - Party A:
(ii) - Party B:
(k) - Addresses for Transfers.
(i) - Additional Definitions.
(ii) - Transfer Timing.
(iii) - Events of Default.
(iv) - Return of Fungible Securities.
(v) - No Counterclaim.
(vi) - Holding Collateral.
(vii) - Investment of Cash Posted Collateral.
(viii) - Return of Posted Collateral.
(ix) - External Verification of Mark-to-Market Valuations.
(x) - Expenses.
(xi) - Limit on Secured Partys Liability.