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DOCUMENT TITLE:  Swap Agreement-Re: Issuer Warrant Transaction .
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Clause Heading
(a) - Share-for-Share:
(b) - Share-for-Other:
(c) - Share-for-Combined:
(a) - Change in Law:
(b) - Failure to Deliver:
(c) - Insolvency Filing:
(d) - Hedging Disruption:
(e) - Increased Cost of Hedging:
(f) - Loss of Stock Borrow:
(g) - Increased Cost of Stock Borrow:
5 - Offices:
6 - Notices:
(a) - Alternative Calculations and Payment on Early Termination and on Certain Extraordinary Events.
(b) - Registration/Private Placement Procedures.
(c) - Make-whole Shares.
(d) - Beneficial Ownership.
(e) - Limitations on Settlement by Issuer.
(f) - Equity Rights.
(g) - Amendments to Equity Definitions.
(h) - Transfer and Assignment.
(i) - Disclosure.
(j) - Additional Termination Events.
(k) - Effectiveness.
(l) - Extension of Settlement.
(m) - No Netting and Set-off.
(n) - Delivery of Cash.
(o) - Payments by Dealer upon Early Termination.
(p) - Governing Law.
(q) - Waiver of Trial by Jury.
(r) - Submission to Jurisdiction.
(s) - Amendment.
(t) - Counterparts.
(u) - Method of Delivery.