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Exhibit 10.7


April 30, 2012



Bank of America, N.A., as Agent

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Reference is made to (i) the Amended and Restated Credit Agreement, dated as of October 14, 2011 (as amended, restated, extended, supplemented or otherwise modified in writing from time to time, the “ Credit Agreemen t”), among United Rentals, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“ Holdings ”), United Rentals (North America), Inc., a Delaware corporation (the “ Company ”), the other U.S. Subsidiary Borrowers named therein (together with the Company, the “ U.S. Borrowers ”), United Rentals of Canada, Inc., a corporation amalgamated under the laws of the Province of Ontario (the “ Canadian Borrower ”), United Rentals Financing Limited Partnership (the “ Specified Loan Borrower ”), the Lenders from time to time party thereto, and Bank of America, N.A., as Agent and (ii) the Amended and Restated Canadian Security Agreement dated as of October 14, 2011 (as amended, amended and restated, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time, the “ Security Agreement ”) made by the Grantors from time to time party thereto in favour of the Agent for the benefit of the Secured Parties. Terms defined in the Credit Agreement or the Security Agreement and not otherwise defined herein are used herein as defined in the Credit Agreement or the Security Agreement.

SECTION 1. Grant of Lien . As security for the due and prompt payment and performance when due (whether at the stated maturity, by acceleration or otherwise), as the case may be, by the undersigned of their respective Obligations, each of the undersigned hereby grants, to the Agent, its successors and assigns, for the ratable benefit of the applicable Secured Parties, a security interest (the “ Security Interest ”) in and continuing lien upon and right of set-off against, all personal property, assets and undertakings of such undersigned, including, without limitation, all of such undersigned’s right, title and interest in or to any and all of the following properties and assets of such undersigned and powers and rights of such undersigned in all of the following (including the power to transfer rights in the following), whether now owned or existing or at any time hereafter acquired or arising, regardless of where located (collectively, the “ Collateral ”):

(i) all Accounts, including all debts, book debts, accounts, claims, demands, moneys and choses in action whatsoever including, without limitation, claims against the Crown and claims under insurance policies, which are now owned by or are due, owing or accruing due to the undersigned or which may hereafter be owned by or become due, owing or accruing due to the undersigned together with all contracts, investment property, bills, notes, lien notes, judgments, chattel mortgages, mortgages and all other rights, benefits and documents now or hereafter taken, vested in or held by the undersigned in respect of or as security for the same and the full benefit and advantage thereof, and all rights of action or claims which such undersigned now has or may at any time hereafter have against any Person in respect thereof;



(ii) all Inventory, including, without limitation, all Rental Equipment, goods, merchandise, raw materials, goods in process, finished goods, packaging and packing material and other tangible personal property now or hereafter held for sale, lease, rental or resale or that are to be furnished or have been furnished under a contract of service or that are to be used or consumed in the business of such undersigned;

(iii) all leases of Goods (whether or not in the form of a lease agreement), including all Leases;

(iv) all documentation evidencing rights in any Inventory or Equipment, including all certificates, Certificates of Title, Manufacturer’s Statements of Origin, and other Collateral Instruments (as such terms are defined in the UCC);

(v) all contract rights, including contract rights in respect of any Like-Kind Exchange;

(vi) all Chattel Paper;

(vii) all Documents;

(viii) all Instruments;

(ix) all Supporting Obligations and Letter-of-Credit Rights (as such terms are defined in the UCC);

(x) all General Intangibles including Payment Intangibles (as such term is defined in the UCC) and Software;

(xi) all Goods (excluding “Consumer Goods” as such term is defined in the PPSA);

(xii) all Equipment;

(xiii) all Investment Property;

(xiv) all money, cash, cash equivalents, securities and other property of any kind of such undersigned held directly or indirectly by the Agent, any Lender or any of their Affiliates;

(xv) all of such undersigned’s Material Accounts, credits, and balances with and other claims against the Agent or any Lender or any of their Affiliates or any other financial institution with which such undersigned maintains deposits, including all Payment Accounts;

(xvi) all books, records and other property related to or referring to any of the foregoing, including books, records, account ledgers, data processing records, computer software and other property;



(xvii) the uncalled capital, money, rights, bills of exchange, negotiable and non negotiable instruments, judgments and securities not otherwise described in the foregoing; and

(xviii) all accessions to, substitutions for and replacements, products and proceeds derived directly or indirectly of any of the foregoing, including, but not limited to, proceeds of any insurance policies, claims against third parties, and condemnation or requisition payments with respect to all or any of the foregoing;

provided , however , the “Collateral” shall not include any asset or rights or interests of such undersigned as described in the proviso to Section 1(a) of the Security Agreement.

(b) All of the Obligations of each respective undersigned shall be secured by all of the Collateral of such undersigned and any other property of any such undersigned that secures any of the Obligations.

SECTION 2. Representations and Warranties . (a) Each of the undersigned represents and warrants to the Agent and the other Secured Parties that as of the date hereof: (i) Schedule I hereto identifies (A) such undersigned name as of the date hereof as it appears in official filings in the state, province or other jurisdiction of its incorporation or other organization, (B) the type of entity of

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