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Agreement made this 19 th day of December, 2007 by and between General Cable Corporation, a Delaware corporation with principal offices at 4 Tesseneer Drive, Highland Heights, Kentucky, 41076 (“the Company”), and Brian J. Robinson (“the Executive”).

WHEREAS, Executive has served the Company in various capacities for a number of years;

WHEREAS, Executive currently holds the position of Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) of the Company;

WHEREAS, on or around September 14, 2003, the Company presented Executive a letter by which certain severance payments were extended to him;

WHEREAS, the Company wishes to extinguish Executive’s current severance benefits effective December 31, 2007 and grant to him severance benefits under the Company’s new Executive Officer Severance Pay Plan (the “Plan”) .

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual terms contained herein, the parties  agree as follows:


Executive shall be entitled to severance benefits under the Plan from its effective date.  Executive acknowledges that benefits under the Plan constitute fair and adequate consideration for the novation of any prior severance entitlements that Executive had with the Company.


This Agreement does not in any way constitute a contract of employment for any specific term.  Executive acknowledges that at all times he is and will be employed at will by the Company.  This means that either he or the Company can terminate his employment at any time, for any lawful reason.


In consideration of Executive’s receipt of severance pay Executive also hereby agrees to the following negative covenants:


During his employment with the Company (“the Employm

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