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Clause Heading
1 - Eligible Loans.
2 - Procedures for Purchase of EPP Loans.
(a) - Initial Purchase Price.
(b) - Initial Purchase Price Percentage.
(c) - Recalculation of Initial Purchase Price During Review Period.
(d) - Final Purchase Price.
(e) - Final Purchase Price Percentage.
(f) - Fees.
(a) - Over/Under Account; Minimum Balance; Failure to Maintain Minimum Balance.
(b) - Offsets.
(i) - Seller.
(ii) - Bank of America.
(d) - Return of Over/Under Account Balance Upon Termination.
5 - Defective Collateral Documents; Delivery of Acceptable Collateral Documents.
(b) - Compliance with Program Agreements; Repurchase.
6 - Delivery of Credit File and Additional Documents and Information.
(a) - Review Period.
(c) - Transfer of Servicing; Early Servicing.
(d) - Pool Cut-Off Dates and Target Funding Dates.
(e) - Inability to Complete Review.
(f) - Outstanding Loan Limit.
8 - Title to Loans.
9 - Additional Representations and Warranties.
(a) - Eligible EPP Loan.
(b) - Collateral Data Record.
10 - Conditions Precedent.
11 - Fidelity Bonds and Insurance.
12 - Right to Offset.
13 - Notice.
(a) - Term.
(c) - Termination by Bank of America upon Event of Default.
14 - Events of Default.
(d) - Additional Remedies.
16 - Amendments.
17 - Full Force and Effect.
18 - Counterparts.
(a) - By Wire Transfer, Check or Draft.
(b) - Return of Funds.
(a) - Closing Agents.
(b) - Warehouse Lender.
(c) - Approval Process.