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Clause Heading
(a) - Sale and Issuance of Notes.
(b) - Closings.
(c) - Company Deliverables.
(d) - Investor Deliverables.
(e) - Notes Pari Passu.
(f) - Individual Sales.
2 - Representations and Warranties of the Company.
(a) - Organization, Good Standing and Qualification.
(b) - Subsidiaries.
(c) - Authorization; Binding Obligations.
(d) - Litigation.
3 - Representations and Warranties of the Investors.
(a) - Organization and Good Standing; Requisite Power and Authority.
(b) - Investment Representations.
(f) - Investor Can Protect Its Interest.
(g) - Accredited Investor.
(c) - Investor Bears Economic Risk.
(d) - Information Made Available.
(e) - Acquisition for Own Account.
(h) - Restrictions on Transfer.
(i) - Forward Looking Statements.
(j) - Tax Consequences.
(k) - Indemnification.
(l) - Legend.
(a) - Governing Law.
(b) - Survival.
(c) - Assignment; Successors and Assigns.
(d) - Entire Agreement.
(e) - Severability.
(f) - Amendment and Waiver.
(g) - Delays or Omissions; Remedies Cumulative.
(h) - Brokers Fees.
(i) - Notices.
(i) - If to the Company, at
(j) - Expenses.
(k) - Attorneys Fees.
(l) - Titles and Subtitles.
(m) - Exculpation Among Investors.
(n) - Timely Performance.
(o) - Pronouns.
(p) - Usury Exemption.
(q) - Counterparts.
(r) - Counsel.