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Clause Heading
2 - Agreement to Serve.
(a) - General Indemnification.
(b) - Additional Indemnification Regarding Expenses.
(c) - Partial Indemnification.
(d) - Nonexclusivity.
(e) - Exceptions.
(f) - Subrogation.
4 - Advancement of Expenses.
(a) - Notice of Proceeding; Cooperation.
(b) - Settlement.
(c) - Request for Payment; Timing of Payment.
(d) - Determination.
(e) - Independent Legal Counsel.
(f) - Consequences of Determination; Remedies of Indemnitee.
(g) - Presumptions; Burden and Standard of Proof.
(b) - Period of Limitations.
6 - Directors and Officers Liability Insurance.
(a) - Limitation of Liability.
(a) - Severability.
(b) - Notices.
(c) - Amendment and Termination.
(d) - Successors and Assigns.
(h) - Counterparts.
(e) - Arbitration.
(f) - Governing Law.
(g) - Integration and Entire Agreement.