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Exhibit 10.2




280 Madison Ave

Suite 1005

New York, NY 10016

T.917.652.8030 • F. 917.591.1971




This agreement (the “Agreement”), made this ___ day of June, 2009 between Fresh Harvest Products, Inc, having offices at 280 Madison Ave Suite 1005, New York, New York 100016, hereinafter (the “PRINCIPAL”), and Haichel Esther, having offices at ____________________________, hereinafter (the “BROKER”), both shall agree to the following:


PRINCIPAL hereby appoints BROKER as its representative for the products under the Organic Chef, LLC label, including but not limited to TeAloe™ and PurAloe™, for the USA and Canada and any other area mutually agree upon by the Parties.  This area coverage may be expanded by mutual agreement.   BROKER must notify PRINCIPAL of all meetings, appointments and/or presentations in advance of such meetings, appointments and/or presentations.


BROKER agrees to use its best efforts to sell and promote the PRINCIPALS products to all current and potential retail and wholesale customers. Each party is recognized hereunder as independent contractors and a free agent. The BROKER agrees to represent the PRINCIPAL in an ethical and professional manner and to uphold policies and procedures set forth by the PRINCIPAL. Reasonable samples shall be provided by the PRINCIPAL at no cost to the BROKER for presentation to their accounts.



PRINCIPAL agrees to pay the BROKER for sales to the appointed wholesale and/or direct retail accounts based upon the total net invoiced dollar amount in the following manner: 5% commissions.  For deep discount promotions by PRINCIPAL (such as BOGO’s) for a select number of times a year BROKER agrees to reduce their commissions to 3% for the duration of the promotion.  Commission payments are due on the 15th of each month for the previous months collected monies.

Upon the signing of this Agreement, PRINCIPAL will issue BROKER restri

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