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Exhibit 3.2






Pursuant to Sections 3.03 and 7.01 of the Declaration of Trust, dated December 5, 1991, as amended as of July 31, 1995, and as further amended as of July 15, 2002 and December 1, 2004, and as amended and restated effective May 1, 2009 (the “Declaration of Trust”), which authorizes State Street Bank and Trust Company of New Hampshire, as trustee (“State Street” or the “Trustee”) of the American Bar Association Members/State Street Collective Trust (the “Collective Trust”), to establish investment funds under the Collective Trust, effective as of January 19, 2010 State Street hereby amends and restates the Eighth Amended and Restated Fund Declaration dated June 29, 2009 of the International All Cap Equity Fund (formerly the International Equity Fund), an investment fund established under the Collective Trust (the “Fund”). The provisions of the Declaration of Trust are incorporated herein by reference. In addition, the Trustee agrees and declares that it will hold, administer and deal with all money and property received or purchased by it as Trustee of the Collective Trust on behalf of the Fund subject to the additional terms and conditions set forth in this Fund Declaration. Capitalized terms used and not otherwise defined shall have the meanings set forth in the Declaration of Trust.

1. Investment Objective . The Fund’s investment objective is to seek long-term capital appreciation through a diversified portfolio of primarily non-U.S. equity securities. Any income received is incidental to this objective. The Fund seeks to achieve, over an extended period of time, total returns comparable to or superior to broad measures of the international (non-U.S.) stock market.

2. Investment Guidelines and Restrictions . The assets of the Fund will be invested primarily in common stocks of non-U.S. domiciled companies and in a variety of other equity-related securities, such as convertible securities, preferred stock and warrants of such foreign companies and may invest all or any portion of the assets of the Fund in accordance with Section 3.03(c) of the Declaration of Trust. The Trustee may also invest in non-equity securities, including foreign corporate and governmental debt securities (when considered consistent with the investment objective of the Fund). Under exceptional economic or market conditions abroad, the Trustee may temporarily invest all or a major portion of the assets of the Fund in obligations issued or guaranteed by the United States government or debt obligations of U.S. companies. The Trustee shall not invest more than 20% of the assets of the Fund in non-equity securities, except under the circumstances enumerated in Section 3.03(c) of the Declaration of Trust. Within this limitation, the Fund may maintain a small cash reserve, which may be invested in Short-Term Investment Products (as defined in the Prospectus of the Collective Trust from time to time in effect pursuant to which the Units of the

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