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Exhibit 10.39
ZCM Asia Holdings Pty Limited
Zurich Capital Markets Asia Pty Limited
Heartware Limited
Royal Bank of Canada
Deed of Consent to
Assignment of Sublease
Premises: Suite 4, Level 46, 2 Park Street Sydney
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Commercial details
1   Defined terms & interpretation   7
  1.1   Defined terms       7
  1.2   Interpretation       7
2   Precondition   8
  2.1   Headlessor consent       8
  2.2   Seek consent       8
  2.3   Deed of Consent to Sublease       8
  2.4   Headlessor refusal       8
3   Assignment Date   8
4   Consent   8
5   RBC’s obligations   8
6   Release   9
7   Indemnity   9
  7.1   From the Assignment Date       9
  7.2   Prior to the Assignment Date       9
8   Rent and adjustments   9
  8.1   Passing rent       9
  8.2   Periodic payments       9
  8.3   Reimbursements       9
  8.4   Shortfall       10
9   Bank Guarantee   10
  9.1   Replacement Bank Guarantee       10
  9.2   Sublease applies       10
  9.3   Return original Bank Guarantee       10
10   Originals and registration   10
  10.1   Delivery       10
  10.2   Stamping and registration       11
  10.3   Original Sublease       11
11   Access date   11
  11.1   Vacant possession       11
  11.2   Late delivery       11
  11.3   Licence terms       11
12   Exercise of option   12
  12.1   Option       12
  12.2   Giving effect to option       12
Matthew Seymour Property Lawyer©   ii


  Makegood         12  
  13.1   Headlessor’s consent     12  
  13.2   Handover condition     12  
  13.3   Contribution     12  
  General         12  
  14.1   Costs     12  
  14.2   GST     13  
  14.3   Amendment     13  
  14.4   Counterparts     13  
  14.5   Entire understanding     13  
  14.6   Further assurance     13  
Signing page     14  
Annexure A – Fixtures and furnishings     16  
Annexure B – Variation of Sublease     17  
Matthew Seymour Property Lawyer©   iii


Commercial details
Deed dated
Sublessor   ZCM Asia Holdings Pty Limited ACN 093 336 700
Notice details
  Contact:   The Company Secretary,
      Zurich Financial Services Australia Ltd
  Address:   5 Blue St, North Sydney
  Fax:   02 9995 1808
Assignor   Heartware Limited ACN 111 970 257
Notice details
  Contact:   David Mclntyre
  Address:   3351 Executive Way, Miramar, Florida USA 33025
  Fax:   +1 954 874 1156
Assignee   Royal Bank of Canada ARBN 076 940 880
Notice details
  Contact:   Alan Downie
  Address:   c/ - RBC Capital Markets
      Level 46, 2 Park Street
      Sydney NSW 2000
  Fax:   (02) 9033 3156
Matthew Seymour Property Lawyer©   4


Commercial details
Item 1
  Suite 4, Level 46, 2 Park Street Sydney and the parking
  spaces referred to in the Sublease
Item 2
(clause 1.1)
  Lease registered 7655894
Item 3
(clause 1.1)
  Sublease registered AB545729 including a sublicence of
  2 permanent car parking spaces
Item 4
  Assignment Date
(clause 1.1)
  1 July 2007
Item 5
  Passing rent
(clause 8)
  Rent (Item 7 of the Sublease):
  $161,769.50 per annum plus GST
  Parking fee (Item 13 of the Sublease):
  $840 per space per month plus GST
Item 6
  Bank Guarantee amount
(clause 9)
Matthew Seymour Property Lawyer©   5


  The Headlessor is the owner of the building known as 2 Park Sydney (Building) .
  The Headlessor leases Levels 46 and 47 of the Building to Zurich Capital Markets Australia Limited ACN 095 545 887 under the Headlease.
  Zurich Capital Markets Australia Limited delisted and changed its name to Zurich Capital Markets Asia Pty Limited.
  Zurich Capital Markets Asia Pty Limited sublet the Premises to Heartware.
  Zurich Capital Markets Asia Pty Limited assigned the Headlease to ZCM Asia Holdings Pty Limited ACN 093 336 700 effective 1 June 2007.
  Heartware wants to assign the Sublease to RBC but requires the Sublessor’s consent to do so.
  The Sublessor consents to the assignment of the Sublease on the terms of this deed.
  As the assignment of the Headlease referred to in recital E has not yet been registered, Zurich Capital Markets Asia Pty Limited (as previous sublessor) is also a party to this deed for the purpose of confirming its consent to the assignment of the Sublease.
Matthew Seymour Property Lawyer©   6


Consent terms
1   Defined terms & interpretation
1.1   Defined terms
    The following terms and expressions have a specific meaning in this deed.
    Assignment Date means the date in Item 4.
    Commercial details means the part of this deed described as the Commercial details at the front of this deed.
    Headlease means the lease described in Item 2.
    Headlessor means the lessor under the Headlease.
    Heartware means the existing tenant of the Premises under the Sublease, being the party identified as the ‘Assignor’ in the Commercial details.
    Item means an item in the Commercial details.
    Premises means the premises described in Item 1.
    RBC means the party identified as the ‘Assignee’ in the Commercial details.
    Sublessor means the lessee under the Headlease, being the party identified as ‘Sublessor’ in the Commercial details.
    Sublease means the sublease described in Item 3.
    Transfer means a form required by the Department of Lands – Land & Property Information to register the transfer of Sublease from Heartware to RBC.
    Variation of Sublease means the variation of the Sublease in the form set out in Annexure B.
1.2   Interpretation
    In this deed:
  (a)   the singular includes the plural and vice versa;
  (b)   a gendered noun or pronoun includes all genders;
  (c)   a reference to:
  (i)   this deed includes its schedules and annexures;
  (ii)   a party or person includes that person’s executors, administrators, successors and permitted assigns; and
  (iii)   an institute, association or council includes a reference to any replacement institute, association or council;
  (d)   the use of the verb to ‘include’ (in any conjugation or participle) or the expressions ‘such as’ or ‘for example where used in this deed, are always intended to refer to a non-exclusive set as if the words ‘without limitation’ were included after their every use; and
  (e)   headings are for convenience only and do not form part of this deed or affect its interpretation.
Matthew Seymour Property Lawyer©   7


Consent terms
2   Precondition
2.1   Headlessor consent
    The assignment in clause 3 and the Sublessor’s consent in clause 4 is subject to and condit

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