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What is RealDealDocs?

RealDealDocs is a service that gives you insider access to legal documents drafted by America's best lawyers and companies. Our innovative search engine allows you to instantly find the agreements, documents and deal clauses you need, increasing efficiency while ensuring quality.

How Does It Work?

RealDealDocs compiles millions of professional documents pulled from a variety of sources into one searchable database. Our famed indexing engine categorizes and organizes these documents by a variety of searchable facets - including document type, governing law/state, parties, industry/sector, counsel and more - and can be combined with powerful full-text searching to instantly deliver on-point results.

So whether you’re trying to find an example of an employment agreement for a financial executive at a North Carolina bank or an obscure pricing clause for a supply agreement out of Asia, you’re going to able to find it - and fast.

Why RealDealDocs?

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"RealDealDocs has drastically reduced the time it takes to draft a document, and the fact that it's so easy to find the most current clauses being deployed by major firms nationwide really adds value for me."

Jonathan Gordon
Alston & Bird


"This level of analysis enables pinpoint searching by the type of criteria relevant to lawyers, such as document or transaction type, governing laws, jurisdiction, substantive areas or individual clauses."

Legal Times Technology
Special Report


"RealDealDocs gives me access to Fortune 500 documents. Seeing what the big guys do has helped me save time and make better deals."

Russell M. Miles
Business Owner